Meet Dr. Vincent Liu

Dr. Shiyuan (Vincent) Liu (B.Sc., D.D.S.) grew up in Alberta and has always been passionate about the impact of oral health on overall health and happiness. He graduated from the University of Alberta with a Doctor of Dental Surgery in 2016. Believing that everyone deserves a healthy smile, his dental philosophy revolves around establishing trust with his patients, prevention of dental diseases, and patient education so that treatment outcomes can be achieved through cooperation.

In his spare spare time, Dr. Vincent enjoys spending time with his family and friends, archery, and jogging. As a technology enthusiast, Dr. Vincent also dabbles in computer hardware, software, and photography.

Dr. Vincent provides general dentistry services. He also provides BoTox treatment for both esthetics and to treat bruxism (clenching / grinding).

As of May 2023, Dr. Shiyuan (Vincent) Liu has moved to Campbell Island off the coast of British Columbia with his wife.  He will be providing dental services to remote communities as well as pursuing his love of the outdoors.  He will be missed here by his Affinity Dental Sherwood Park family.  We wish him well in all his future pursuits.  His patients here will be cared for by the other dentists at the clinic.