At Affinity Dental Sherwood Park, we have the digital technology to create metal-free ceramic crowns and inlays for our patients’ restorative dental treatments. Our office is equipped with a CEREC scanner, design software and milling machine, which means we can often offer restorations that are completed in one visit.

How CEREC works

The word CEREC is a contraction of “Ceramic Reconstruction” and it is a form of CAD/CAM technology—computer aided design/computer aided manufacture. When we create a CEREC crown or inlay, the process follows these steps:

  • The CEREC system uses an optical scanner to take multiple pictures of the prepared tooth, and the computer software designs the ideal crown or inlay as a 3D image.
  • A milling machine then grinds the crown or inlay out of a solid block of a strong ceramic material.
  • After the bite is adjusted to fit your opposing teeth, the crown or inlay is stained and glazed. Then it is ready to insert.

In most cases, all of the above can take place in the same appointment—a great benefit for our clients with busy schedules. In other cases, it will take a couple of weeks to get your new crown because the office or laboratory will scan a model of the shaped tooth, design the crown or inlay, and then send the digital file to a dedicated production facility off-site. The core of the crown will be made by a robotic manufacturing facility and then shipped to our laboratory for the ceramist to custom build the porcelain on top to match your adjacent teeth as closely as possible.

There are certain indications that favour a CEREC restoration and others that don’t. Your dentist will discuss your options with you and recommend the most appropriate treatment for your situation.

Contact Affinity Dental Sherwood Park today for more information about the technology used in our practice, including CEREC.