Dental cleaning

Bacterial plaque, which is responsible for gum disease and tooth decay, is an invisible film that forms on your teeth every day. Over time (24 to 36 hours), that dental plaque builds up and hardens into calculus—also known as tartar.

The importance of professional dental cleaning

Everyone builds up calculus, but it’s the failure to remove the normal buildup from the teeth that allows gum inflammation (gingivitis) and bone loss around the teeth (periodontitis) to occur. The only way to remove this calculus is with a professional dental cleaning by a dentist or dental hygienist.

A professional dental cleaning typically involves this sequence of steps:


The depth of the periodontal pockets—meaning the space between the teeth and the gums—is measured.


The bulk of the staining and calculus on your teeth is removed, often with an ultrasonic or piezoelectric instrument that uses a spray coolant.


This is followed by fine scaling and root planning, which is done with precise hand instruments.


The teeth are polished to remove the remaining residual stain and protein film.


A special fluoride gel or foam is applied to the freshly exposed tooth surface to help prevent sensitivity and protect against tooth decay.

Regular dental cleaning visits ensure not only that your teeth receive a thorough cleaning, but also that any issues that may compromise the health and function of your teeth and gums are detected early.

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