Implant options for denture wearers

In the past, uncomfortable dentures that could slip during use and make eating and speaking difficult were seen as a fact of life for people who had lost their natural teeth. As modern dental health care has evolved, so have patients’ expectations.

Dental implant therapy can be a great solution for people who are missing teeth, regardless of their age.

Types of implant restorations

Patients who have lost their natural teeth now have several options to explore, including the following:

  • Implants with attachments for a denture to attach to
  • Implants joined by a bar that the denture clips onto
  • Implants joined by a precision bar that porcelain artificial teeth fit to
  • Dentures that are screwed down onto implants and can only be removed by a dentist
  • Implants with crowns and bridgework

The options available to you will depend on a few factors, such as the quality and quantity of bone in the affected area and the presence of certain health conditions.

Patients who have uncontrolled diabetes or certain bone disorders are generally not good candidates for implant therapy. If you have insufficient bone in the area being considered for an implant, we can sometimes use bone grafting to increase the available bone. Your dentist will let you know the best way to proceed based on your clinical situation.

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